Effect of pumpkin-seed oil on the level of free radical scavengers induced during adjuvant-arthritis in rats

  Biochemistry Department,Faculty of Pharmacy, Kasr El-Aini St., Cairo University, Egypt

 Pharmacology Department, Faculty of Pharmacy, Kasr El-Aini St., Cairo University, Egypt

Accepted 7 September 1994. ;

Available online 23 September 2003.


Pumpkin-seed oil (PSO), a natural supplement rich with antioxidant ingredients, was given to rats in which arthritis was induced using Freund's complete adjuvant. Its effect was compared with that of indomethacin, as a classical anti-inflammatory agent. Two experimental patterns were studied, and acute phase that was applied only with PSO and a chronic phase applied for both PSO and indomethacin.

Compared to normal untreated rats, it was shown that the induction of arthritis caused a decrease in serum sulphhydryl groups, with an increase in serum ceruloplasmin in both phases. Blood glutathione was first elevated in the acute phase, then its level was reduced in the chronic phase. Serum Image-acetyl-β-Image -glucosaminidase activity was elevated only at the acute phase, while plasma total proteins and albumin were reduced at the chronic phase. Liver glucose-6-phosphate dehydrogenase activity was markedly increased, while no changes were observed in the levels of liver lipid peroxides and glutathione. These changes in the studied parameters were attributed to the superoxides and free radicals during arthritic inflammation

Administration of PSO succeeded in modulating most of the altered parameters affected during arthritis, especially at the chronic phase. Also, a remarkable inhibition of paw oedema was observed. A similar pattern was obtained upon treatment with indomethacin except that indomethacin markedly elevated liver lipid peroxides level. Concurrent administration of PSO with indomethacin caused no changes in the parameters studied compared to that induced by treatment with indomethacin alone.

Author Keywords: pumpkin-seed oil; free radicals; Freund's complete adjuvant; arthritis

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