:Cold pressed oils

Recent medical research has announced the health and medical benefits provided by using some kinds of cold pressed oils especially the ones contains omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids, Minerals and vitamins

Cold pressed oils are the best oils .They must be produced in a certain temperature which is around 80 degrees Fahrenheit (27 degrees Celsius

Cold pressed seed oil is being extracted simply by squeezing the seeds in special machines. the oil remaining from organic cold pressed seeds, have no trace farm chemicals, no hexane molecules, no poisonous trans fatty acids Cold pressed oils are unrefined , therefore they have a greater vitamin and mineral content than hot-pressed refined oils. , and retain all of their nutritional and healthier value .It also keeps the components and properties of oil ,and preserves the flavor and the color of the original oil. So cold pressed oils are the most useful ones 

 The introduction of heat to the process of making oil will degrade the flavor, nutritional value, and color of the oil. Heat, however, increases the yield. Exposing the oil to heat makes the oil loses some of its characteristics and benefits.
.Cold pressed oils have a broad range of uses, such as natural and healthy uses or medical ones



:Phenomenal Cold Pressed oils are the best

Phenomenal Company uses German Cold pressing machines(GMBH)which is capable to manufacture a cold pressed and healthy oil according to the German healthy standard .In the oil process there is no chemical material used ,which could destroy the oil .only physical power is involved to ensure that the quality of oil is not changed.

Moreover, Phenomenal chose best Kind of seeds, planted naturally in the Syrian fertile, chemically non eaten lands, which are also free from pesticides and fertilize .moreover, these seeds are culled of high quality, then stored in away from heat humidity

Phenomenal produces these oils  in pharmaceutical forms such as  liquid and soft  caps To keep the components  of the oil , protect it from oxidation , ensure ease of use, determine the dosage and gives a rapid action Some of the oils produced by Phenomenal : flax seed oil, sesame seed oil, black seed oil, , pumpkin seed oil, Grape seed oil, Almond seed oil,Ammi seed oil, castor seed oil ,peppermint oil, peanut oi