Black seed oil (cold pressed):

 - A Natural healthy product Rich in unsaturated amino acids, Nigellone, carotene, Thymoquinon, and a group of minerals.

- It is used to support body immunity system, and as a general body tonic.

- It is beneficial in cases of respiratory problems

- A natural antioxidant.

- Topically: it is beneficial in cases of rheumatism, Muscle pain &headache.


 What is the black seed ?

 It is the product or seeds of an herbal perennial plant. It has been known to the Arabs as the benediction seed that is to say the seed bestowing benediction. it is scientific name in English is Nigella Sativa.


The black seed oil throughout history:

 The black seed oil is a natural one rich in health promoting benefits to the body. It was known in the ancient and Modern Greek and German medical systems, in addition to the fact that it has been known in the ancient Egyptian medical practices. It has been also excavated in the tomb of Tutankhamen. Queen Cleopatra also has been known to use the black seed oil for its hygienic and esthetic benefits. Moreover, the Physician and scientist Avicenna has also indicated its importance in his famous medical book, the Canon in Medicine. Still, strongest indications of the black seed importance and medical benefits remain the prophet's (MGPH) in his Hadith, many relaters, most important of whom are the Bukharan, Muslim and Ibn Majah:

 “The black seed cures every disease but death."


Black seed oil in Natural medicine:

 Natural medicine details that stable oils, extracted from the black seeds are oils quite rich in antioxidants and support the anti–inflammatory antihistamine activities and that the black seeds have effects reinforcing immunity and are used as one anti-cancer disease factors according to somato-studies. The black seed and its oil are prescribed for the respiratory problems, including: asthma, allergy, cough, pulmonary oedemas, influenza, congestion, gastrointestinal disturbances, wind colic, colic, diarrhea, colic and piles (hemorrhoid). The oil is used to decrease hypertension, instigate the menstrual cycle and increase lactation. It is used topically in the inflammatory and dermal cases, headache, toothache, nose congestion and parasitic bacteria. (ref: Natural Medicine, Section I, P: 178 & 179), for more information, please, visit our website: (


Phenomenal black seed oil:

It is extracted coldly using the leading-edge German machines and according to German health and alimentary standards. Phenomenal has culled best kinds of seed (Nigella Sativa seed), planted naturally in the Syrian fertile, chemically non-treated lands, which are also free from pesticides and fertilizers. These oils are extracted within a pharmaceutical factory, equipped pursuant to the GMP standards, and then they are packed in pharmaceutical forms under pharmaceutical supervision and direct control of the Syrian Ministry of Health.


Components and properties of the black seed oil:

 The black seed oil contains a large group of unsaturated amino acids like Linoleic acid and the phospholipid. The EFAs consists of alpha-linoleic acid (Omega 3) and Linoleic acid ( Omega 4). It also contains the Nigellone, the protein, the arginine, the carotene; in it is also oil rich in alimentary value, some metals such as phosphorus, iron and some digestive enzymes.

Modern researches have provided evidence that most diseases appear because of a functional defect in the immunosystem, shouldering the task of defending the body.

The black seed contains a potential important in charging the immunosystem of Man, once it has been taken for a while. That is because:

The percentage of the unsaturated amino acids found in the black seed oil reach about 81 %, which a high one, where these acids merit important functions, transfigured in the following:

1- Supporting the body immunity and increasing capability to resist tensions.

2- Increasing the affectivity of fibrin and building the neurons’ fat.

3- Increasing spermatism, sperms activation, and sexual power.

4- Decreasing blood cholesterol via increasing its secretion in stool and redistributing from blood to tissues via the LDL fats and the intensity of VID.

Moreover, these amino acids are responsible for the black seed oil version within Man’s body and via particular enzymes, especially to:


the prostaglandin PGE1:

 responsible for reinforcing and activation of the immune-cells


the prostaglandin PGE2:

 responsible for controlling the pulmonary problems and hypertension.

Phenomenal has culled best kinds of seed (nigella sativa seed) ,planted naturally in the  syrian fertile, chemically non-eated  lands, which are also free from pesticides and fertiliz, moreover,these seed are culled of  high quality, then phenomenal stored them in away  from heat, humidity and ght,to be pressed in cold way according to salubrious scien-ically observed condition in order to protect effective elements without any chemical composition transformation.


The protein:

 the arginine and the carotene: are substances beneficial to body growth, for the liver transformers carotene to the vitamin A.


 The Nigellone:

  is one of the natural antioxidants like vitamin C and A. The Nigellone plays an important role in protecting the bronchia from spasms caused by histamine; therefore the black seed oil is considered a natural antihistamine. There are also many researches, published recently about the protection role played by the Nigellone in protecting the body from the dangers of sundry exotic substances (Xenobiotics).

:The glutathione

 plays a basic role in protecting the body from what is known as the free radicals.



 researches has proved that this substance has a great anti-cancerous effect and malignant cancer cells resistant.

Moreover, modern researches has indicated an important role played by this oil in restoring balance to harmonic glands like activation of pancreas in elderly people and organizing the menstrual cycle in women, bearing in mind that it is not advised to be taken orally by pregnant women in order to avoid uterus muscles relaxation.


 The Uses of The Black seed oil (cold pressed):

  -A Natural healthy product used to support body immunity system, and as a general body tonic.

- It is beneficial in cases of respiratory problems (Asthma - cough – Allergy)

- A natural antioxidant.




 it is beneficial in cases of rheumatism, Muscle pain &headache.

Used as a massage oil to nourish the skin, and scalp.



(1-2) Soft-gel caps from two to three times daily.

Or :( 1/2) teaspoon (2, 5 ml) twice a day.


The product is available in Liquid Form of Bottles of (60 &100) Ml

And in the form of Soft-Gel Capsules (20 & 60) Caps





Extracted by modern cold pressing German machines

in order to preserve all its elements.

without any chemical intervention.








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