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The return to nature under scientific version is our basic interest. Natural products are the basis of our life. The advanced researches in the advanced countries with the health institutions have expressed much interest to support the researchers studying medication through Natural products.

Our goal is: to produce Natural, Pure, Safe, healthy, Effective, scientific, and high Quality products.


 Phenomenal company is one of the leading companies involved in Natural Pharmatical  Products in Syria, especially in the field of Dietary Supplements , Natural cold pressed oils, and healthy products .Phenomenal company was established in 2002.Its main failed was producing cold pressed oils. Phenomenal constantly expands its products lines. It has developed rapidly and successfully; regarding too well studied.

        Our factory is divided to:
Building one:

 Administration department:


 Secretary section-

 Director's offices-

 Administrative offices-

- Conference room

Building Two: 

  Dietary Supplements department: 

 Hard Capsule production line-

 Soft gel production line-

 Blister machine and tablet Counter line-

- Packing and filling departments

 Raw materials and finish materials -

- laboratory department

 Building three:

Oils pressing department: 

- Cold pressing machines lines

- Filtering oils line

- Oil filling line

  - Warehouses

 Building four

Healthy products production department: 

Creams and ointments production lines - 

Shampoo production line

Toothpaste production line

 Cosmetics production lines- 

 - Packaging and filling lines

 - Warehouses   

 Building Five:

 Department of rest and its Accessories


Phenomenal Company set up a quality System that complies with the European GMP standards set by the WHO. The experience we gained helped us to improve Natural, Pure, Safe, Healthy and scientific products with cooperation with experts from the best international laboratories in this field.

Our products are made according the GMP standards and under direct supervision of the Ministry of health and they are under license.


We have agricultural, pharmatical, chemical and researcher staff.

Pharmatical team:

Highly qualified pharmatical staff checks the products quality. This team culls best kind of raw material and cover all production stages and keeping the manufacturing process under control and testing.


Agricultural team:

This team cull best kind of raw material especially best kind of seeds planted naturally in Syrian fertile ,chemically non -elated lands ,which are also free from pesticide and fertilize.Then,store them in away from heat, humidity and ghetto be pressed in cold way.Also,this team chose other Natural  raw material like herbs and Bee products etc,,,,,,

Researches team:

Phenomenal strategy is to keep in touch with the continues researches and technology which keep the company in contact with the latest development and researches about the items which the company produce and the way of production and manufacturing that develop our products to satisfy the demand of our clients.

Marketing and exportation

From Raw Material………………………….To Finish Products

Phenomenal company is a leading company in manufacturing natural cold pressed oils and products. We sell our products to the local Market and to many Arab and Euro countries

...We have combined ancient and modernity

...Nature culture and pharmaceutical education

To present alimentotherapy. . . with best pharmaceutical industry technologies


...To  be really the pioneers in the Natural pharmaceutical industries

To achieve what we say . . . reaching out to a more healthful life...